Our Mission

At 46 Peaks Investment Advisory Group, our mission is to make a meaningful impact on our clients’ lives and give them true peace of mind by helping them navigate an ever changing, complex world of financial planning and investment management. We find this is most likely to be accomplished when our clients have Clarity over their finances, Confidence in a robust financial plan and investment strategy, and feel in Control of their futures.

Our Independence

We are an independent financial planning and investment advisory firm. We work for our clients – not for a brokerage firm, an insurance company, a bank, or a large conglomerate. We don’t have a Sales Manager, sales quotas, or proprietary “house” products. Our independence frees us to focus solely on what’s in our client’s best interests.

Our Objectivity & Consultative Approach

Our approach starts with you. We ask a lot of questions. We listen. We embrace and capitalize on the “open-architecture” available to independent firms like us, where we can source world class, modern technology, research and investment solutions, many of which are not available to larger firms. We are fee-only, strive to eliminate or minimize conflicts of interest, and don’t receive any commissions or hidden payments.

A Differentiated Investment Approach

Our investment approach has been honed over the last three decades based on what we believe to be crucial to long-term success. The pillars of our process are diversification, personalization, tax efficiency, multi-layered risk management, discipline, and a willingness to make meaningful allocations to sophisticated non-core alternative investments. Our approach continues to evolve; while some elements of our process are foundational and permanent, we are committed to continuous learning, constantly searching for effective solutions and evaluating various strategies.


Our experience, credibility, expertise, independence, and industry relationships allow us to access some investment opportunities that are simply unavailable to the general public or the broad financial advisory industry. In today’s low interest rate environment, we think they are extremely important elements of portfolio design. While some are only available to our high net worth investors at high minimums, many are accessible by the vast majority of our clients.

What’s in a Name?

The 46 Peaks Investment Advisory Group derived our name from a High Peaks region of the Adirondacks in upstate New York with, you guessed it, 46 mountains. It’s an ambitious undertaking but over the last 100 years many hikers have sought to climb all 46 mountains. Those that complete the challenge can proudly call themselves an “Adirondack 46er”.

We are inspired by challenges that require commitment, discipline, effort and expertise. The Adirondacks remain “forever wild” and a true wilderness area – as such there are compelling parallels to the risks we all face climbing the many financial mountains in our lifetime. While some will succeed, many will fall short and never make it to their summit. With proper planning, experience and expertise on your side, your chances of making it to your peak are greatly enhanced. Let 46 Peaks Investment Advisory Group guide you. If you’d like to learn more about the 46 Peaks of the Adirondacks, start here…